How The 5 Palms Condos Bring Downtown Boca To Life

5 Palms Boca Raton

Show of hands…how many people out there think that during our short time down here on a little planet I like to call earth that we owe it to ourselves to find as much pure happiness as possible?

Anyone, anyone?

Well, guess what, I surely do. I honestly believe that the reason each of us is down here is to be of value to others and our reward for having done that are all of the things out there that make live so damned amazing.

And when it comes deciding where to live in downtown Boca Raton Florida, you’re going to have a VERY difficult time finding a spot more unforgettable than the 5Palms condos.

Right downtown and near everything that is so great about Boca, you truly have to be taken by the hand through these units to see just why so many people rush to call it home as soon as they step within it.

(By the way…you’ve seen just how vibrant Boca Raton has become, haven’t you?!?)

Yeah. It really is time you made sure you knew just how alive this wonderful Florida city really can be.

Okay. now listen we all know that there are an incredible amount of options out there when it comes to finding the perfect condo in the perfect Boca community…which is why getting yourself in front of the Boca Raton real estate experts is such a must.

You need an agent that knows the city inside and out.

You need to have someone on your side who can show you the ins and outs of downtown Boca Raton and how you need to take full advantage of all of it.

So let’s talk about this marvelous collision of luxury and convenience.

Here it is, try not to drool…

5 Palms Condo Boca Raton

5 Palms Condo Boca Raton

Here are the things you need to know about 5 Palms in Boca. Here you will feast on:

a) 16 delicious contemporary condominium styles

b) a single location that is ridiculously close to the very center of downtown Boca

c) private access elevators and state of the art closed security systems

d) a stunning condo location that is fully pre-wired to enable you to take advantage of all of the latest tech updates

e) a delightful “pet friendly” attitude

f) options for either 2 or three bedroom units that are beyond spacious and inviting

g) kitchens that look as if they’ve fallen directly out of the most upscale kitchen magazines….

And the lists go on and on. This is one of the most special condos in Boca Raton.

Time To Stop Drooling And Start Planning On Seeing 5 Palms In Boca

There’s simply no way that video and even pictures can do this location justice. You have to visit 5 Palms to let it wash over you and to be able to “feel” yourself becoming part of it.

To make that entire process start (because it can’t start with you staying on the fence) you have to contact the agents at Champagne & Parisi who know the downtown area, and 5 Palms, better than anyone else out there.

And you do that by visiting or calling these true professionals at 561-998-9015.

Isn’t it time for “you” time?

Aren’t you ready to see a truly special residence in Boca?

The fence can wait.

Call today.


Call now.


200 East Condos Boca Raton: Talk About Wow

200 East Condos Boca Raton

Okay, let’s lay all of our cards out here on this table so that we all know what’s what. I am consumed by the real estate market in Boca Raton Florida and I don’t care who knows it.


I mean seriously, have you seen some of the stunning new condos now on the market here in Central Palm Beach County? Do you know what comes with them? Do you realize how the small town charm that you find everywhere here in Boca just stays with people forever?

Tell me at least that you know about the endless beaches and parks and recreational opportunities that about down here in Boca.

So being the real estate enthusiast that I am, and loving South Florida, the way, I wanted to start this blogs so that everyone could come along as I find some of the best places to buy in Boca.

But long before we do even that, let’s take a look at what life looks like in this stunning part of already stunning Florida…

Love it!

Okay, let’s dive in here. Since I make all the real estate rules here, kidding, of course, I say we start with the condos at 200 East Boca Raton.

These absolutely beautiful FL condominiums are located just a short mile away from the white sandy beaches and the dolphins.

Here are one hundred and fifteen units perfectly placed in a truly upscale condo setting in Boca Raton that boasts resort-style amenities.

At 200 East in Boca, you will enjoy endless:

  • views of the Intercoastal waterway
  • views of the spectacular golf course and Boca Raton itself
  • a pet friendly environment (yes, bring the dog!!!)
  • 19 different floor plans
  • a killer swimming pool, clubhouse and business center
  • an option to even have extra stuff like Concierge services and Valet Parking

Okay, enough of the tease, you just have to look at these condos at 200 East…

200 East Condos In Boca Raton Florida

200 East Condos In Boca Raton Florida

(That sound you hear is your breath being taken away.)

Okay, if you want to learn more about the condominiums at 200 East, you visit now or call them at Contact: 561-998-9015.

I’m just 100% smitten by the real estate opportunities in this part of Florida, and damn it, I’m not going to rest until I show you every single one of them!!!

PS…Twitter loves these Boca condos too…

STUNNING | Have you seen these condos at 200 East In Boca Raton FL???